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Video conference solution

Video conference solution in Georgia is a complex of equipment and software that creates audio-visual contact with a remote interlocutor.

The company TV-Lux Hospitality carries out comprehensive work in the field of integration of video conferencing in various areas of business.

By using this solution your business gains total independence at times of closed borders and limited movement of stuff.

Video conference solution is used in the hospitality sector, meeting rooms, medical sector, distance learning, security systems. Benefits of using video conferencing:

  • Saving time and money
  • Communication is as close to real (living) as possible
  • Reducing the timing of the development and making joint decisions
  • Efficiency level-80% higher than phone calls

Interactive Displays

TV-Lux Hospitality is a qualified expert in interactive panel solutions.

Touchscreen solutions are for everyone, from primary to higher education. Interactive panels transform your teaching to improve the learning process.

Everything you need for video conferencing in one single device. 

Use the interactive panels to solve the following tasks:

  • Interactive display with camera and microphones with noise reduction and echo cancellation
  • An integrated solution based on an interactive panel for small meeting rooms
  • Working with your favorite software
  • Hassle-free multi-touch display
  • Saving and sharing the content

Projection systems

The company TV-LUX Hospitality specializes in projection systems of diverse complexity.

In case you require a large image for a reasonable budget, Projection Systems are essential elements of the presentation. Projectors can be used in various rooms: conference rooms, meeting rooms, simulator systems, cinemas, theaters and etc.

Our company enables you to choose a professional projector for any kind of task.

You can use projectors for the following tasks:

  • Projection for large / medium / small conference rooms
  • Projection mapping system for various tasks
  • The projection for multimedia museums
  • Projection via multiple projectors for control rooms
  • Projection in an interactive simulator
  • Projection via interactive projectors in classrooms

Conference System

The conference system consists of a central control unit, a chairman panel, discussion panels installed on tables, as well as other software and interface modules.

Company TV-Lux Hospitality is a distributor of world-famous manufacturers of conference systems.

Conference system offers:

  • Multimedia exchange of documents, audio, and video content.
  • The ability to vote participants
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Showing the speaker on a big screen
  • Integration via video conferencing systems
  • Conference recording

Wireless Presentation Systems

BYOD. Ability to connect any electronic device:

  • Multilingual support
  • Display any content from your Chromebook, iOS, or Android device on the screen
  • Play video with Full HD resolution (up to 1080p / 60), play MP3 files, display photos, and documents
  • File sharing
  • View Main Display
  • Work safety is provided by dynamically generated room code

Company TV-Lux  Hospitality provides first-rate wireless systems for presentations.

Participants can bring their own device (bring your own device, BYOD concept) at the meeting and easily connect it to a common system using a wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection.

Video walls on LСD panels

TV-Lux Hospitality is an authorized partner of Samsung company. Samsung is the largest manufacturing company of video wall panels.

LCD video walls are less expensive than other solutions for building video walls using alternative technologies.

Advantages of video wall on LCD panels:

  • Ability to display 4K content without additional expensive video-switching
  • Little installation depth significantly saves space for beautiful installations
  • Rich color 
  • Low power consumption
  • Pixel Burn Resistance
  • Anti-glare LCD panel screen
  • Three-year warranty for panels

AV equipment control

TV-Lux Hospitality is qualified in integrated solutions for AV equipment managed by control systems.

Our certified staff comprehensively develops, implements, and configures all the above-mentioned control systems.

You can solve the following tasks through a control system:

  • Easy management of large / medium / small meeting rooms with an intuitive control interface.
  • The ability to manage all conference rooms from one place and the integration of the AV control system with the building BMS system.
  • The possibility to expand the functionality of the control system in order to control lighting, motorized curtains, and climate.
  • Cost-effective for qualified personnel using this system.
  • Expanded functionality of AV control system.

Control room equipment

Design and construction of Control Center are one of our special fields of business.

We provide the client with a set of modern technologies, reliable equipment for 24/7/365, and full integration with the existing infrastructure.

We provide an integrated approach to solving the following tasks:

  • Designing collective display screen
  • Designing a graphic controller for the collective screen
  • Designing professional furniture for operators based on the room interior.
  • The solution of infrastructure requiring to be controlled.

Background music solution

Background Music solutions appear to be in great demand in large infrastructure facilities.

Our company specializes in musical accompaniment solutions for fixing installation in building and mobile equipment sets for live performance.

Installation of BGM equipment will help to solve the following tasks:

  • High-quality music in public areas having the ability of automatic adjustment of volume level depending on ambient noise
  • High-quality equipment with  improved energy efficiency
  • Centralized system management from one central point.
  • Sound calculations in the design of the solution, producing the best results by using the BGM solution.

Digital signage

The purpose of the Digital Signage system is to display text, graphic, and video information of advertising and informational content.

Company TV-LUX Hospitality has completed a large number of professional installations of the Digital Signal system

Digital Signage Features:

  • Prompt advertising of goods, services, events, and promotions directly in public places.
  • Scheduled display with high-quality slides, text, and graphics, photos, videos, television broadcasting
  • Centralized system management
  • Ease of preparing data for display on a screen or group of screens

Room booking solution

TV-Lux Hospitality offers its customers solutions for booking meeting/conference rooms.

Booking Room systems are a complex of software and hardware solutions integrated into the IT system.

Functional Room-booking systems:

  • Convenient search for free premises.
  • View and manage reservations directly from MS Outlook, mobile applications, or touch panels.
  • Integration with AV-systems (automatic switching on/off multimedia equipment and lighting, energy-saving, etc.)
  • Reporting on the degree of occupancy of premises

Mounts for AV equipment

TV-Lux Hospitality is one of the leading distributors of AV mounting solutions in Europe.

All our products are hand-assembled in Europe, using only high-quality components. We do not ship cheap low-quality products.

We can provide the following products:

  • Digital Signage Solutions
  • Kiosk Solutions
  • Mounting Solutions for Projectors, TVs, Flat Panels, Video Wall panels and etc.
  • Lifting systems for projectors, lifts, table solutions and etc.