Interactive TV

Hotel interactive television system

Head station for satellite and IP television

Satellite and DVB-T receiving antennas

Television signal IP and coaxial distribution system

Universal remotes for hotel rooms

TV slim and rotate mounts

Hotel interactive television system

Interactive television system in the hotel is a modern high-tech and  profitable service.

TV-LUX Georgia installs and sets up interactive TV systems. We also offer maintenance system service for hotels.

Interactive television provides guests with additional services:

  • Placing hotel-related information on  system pages.
  • Providing special promotions and offers
  • Making order for food, additional paid channels and various hotel services
  • Personalized welcome message
  • Continuous broadcasting of  channels via video server
  • Alarm clock service with reminder from hotel reception
  • Providing account information
  • Centralized monitoring status of television and remote controller.

Head station

The Head Station provides 24/7/365 reception of TV channels from satellites, broadcasting channels and other sources, converting the signal and broadcasting it in the hotel network.

Our company installs and sets up Head Station systems. 

Hotels need TV station in order to receive local and foreign channels:

  • Ability to quickly reconfigure channels
  • Reducing subscription fee for TV channels from providers
  • Full support for hight quality video
  • Multilingual audio track support
  • EPG support
  • Remote controlling
  • Redundancy of power supplies / boards is possible;
  • Modularity (the ability to add the necessary boards to the head station)

Satellite and DVB-T receiving antennas

The most simple installation of TV equipment, that allows you receiving  a huge number of necessary channels in high quality.

TV-Lux Georgia performs a full range of works related to installation and configuration of antenna equipment.

Television starts with the quality of received signal. We recommend highest reliable value for LNBs and Satellite antennas

  • A large number of channels, the ability to connect additional packages
  • Excellent digital image quality
  • The ability to reconfigure antennas after installing the system
  • TV image independence from internet connection
  • High reliability

Television signal distribution system

Television distribution systems are designed to receive, convert, amplify and distribute television signals to subscriber TV outlets.

The company TV-Lux Georgia performs a full range of works related to  installation and configuration of TV distribution systems.

Our consultants will help you to create a hotel TV distribution system for any budget:

  • An integrated system — TV, radio and satellite channels are received by an array of antennas, through network cable, and distributed through a receiver to users
  • Fiber optic television distribution system
  • Hybrid TV distribution system
  • IPTV TV distribution system
  • Local city television

Universal remotes for hotel rooms

Using a single remote controller to control televisions in a hotel room is the standard of quality.

TV-Lux Georgia is a distributor of high quality hotel remotes for TV. We deliver and configure this equipment.

Using a universal remote control in hotel rooms is an excellent solution providing numerous functions:

  • There is only one remote control in the room which controls the  TV and  order services through an interactive menu.
  • High reliability and fault tolerance of universal remotes for hotels.
  • Internal diagnostics of universal remotes that allows you to send diagnostic messages to maintenance personnel, for example, regards low batteries.

TV slim and rotate mounts

Using special mounts for hotel TVs and different panels will provide a wide range of solutions:

  • Mounts for TVs in hotel rooms of any complexity.
  • Mounts of any complexity for TVs installed in public areas 
  • Enclosures for kiosks and totems
  • Mount for digital signage monitors
  • Specialized lighting fixtures for hotel personnel to equip workplaces.

TV-Lux Georgia is a distributor of high quality mounts for TVs. 

Here you will find a solution for setting up Hotel TVs for any task.