Room Management System

Door plates, thermostats, touch switches, motion sensors.

Hotel door lock systems

Hotel Room Controllers

Programmers for hotel access cards

Room leakage protection

Lighting, climate and shades automation for public areas

Door plates, thermostats, touch switches, motion sensors

TV-LUX Hospitality provides the key to hospitality brands in the hotel and cruise line industry to efficiently and centrally manage guestroom energy consumption and services at the room, property, or portfolio level – driving their environmental sustainability initiatives while providing a better guest experience.

The modern, digital hotel is comprised of interconnected devices and data analytics that enable new solutions and greater efficiency.

We provide guest Control Panels

  • Intuitive, instantly understandable guest control interfaces
  • Control of lighting scenes, thermoregulation settings, and hotel guest services
  • Motion sensors can be built into the glass panels and allow the most efficient detection of the guest presence

Hotel door lock systems

Tv Lux Hospitality offers high-quality electronic locks for hotels. Our electronic hotel locks have long been the leaders in the hotel equipment market.

The main distinguishing characteristics of electronic locks:

  • Mortise lock of the European standard is easily installed on any door
  • Silent latches;
  • Hotel locks are equipped with a hidden cylinder that allows you to open the door in an emergency, as well as with an anti-panic system;
  • A modern electronic lock is not just a piece of hardware, with its elegant design it decorates any door style.

Hotel Room Controllers

The Guest Room Management System (GRMS) provides innovative and efficient control of lighting, heating/cooling, and hotel guest services through intuitive touch panel interfaces. Enables the hotel to efficiently manage guest room energy consumption and drive their vision of the optimal in-room experience generating greater guest satisfaction.

Hotel Room Controllers has the following functions:

  • Supports programmable logic for lighting, dimming, music volume, curtain control, thermoregulation, occupancy sensors, and other control functions to meet all design, guest experience, and project requirements;
  • Allows for a modular setup with the use of Input/Output expansion modules with several options.

Programmers for hotel

Tv Lux Hospitality offers several front desk systems to accommodate any size property, small or large.  Each system offers real solutions and reliable support for Hospitality. We have an electronic locking solution to fit your needs, it is easy to use providing convenient check-in and a vast array of features.

We offer you a system that gives total control of your property in a PC-free and PMS-compatible solution. The compact design requires little front desk space:

  • The fully featured stand-alone system, no PC required
  • Specially designed for properties with up to 500 rooms
  • Insertion, Motorized or Contactless RFID Encoding
  • Magstripe, Smart and contactless RFID technologies
  • Direct interface with any PMS system

Room leakage protection

This system features smart water sensors, a valve controller, a central hub.  These components talk to each other to protect your hotel and keep you in control – wherever you are.

Water damage is more common than most people realize. Monitoring water usage in real-time helps to reduce your risk of water damage while also making your home automation more efficient.

Water leakage sensor with an alarm light, mountable on the floor surface or on the floor surface. It has an alarm light, which changes from green to red if the sensor detects water on the floor.

Lighting, climate and shades automation for public areas

With this solution developers are able to get a better price for the building with smart features, hotel management has full control over their premises (statistics on resources consumed, guest lists, alerts on any malfunction like water leakage, etc.) and the guests simply enjoy it all without a second thought (which a good hotel stay is really about). So, it is a win-win solution, whichever way you look!

Benefits from using this system: